Desktop Software

The Twin Oaks desktop club management software is Windows based and fully network compliant to work in almost any environment that needs member data management and/or electronic billing. Its capability to interface with many peripheral devices & door control systems, shows its extensive flexibility to meet the needs of this ever-changing industry. Our desktop software also has the capability to access power online features.

Front Desk Client Check-In

  • Members and guests can check in even when front-desk computer is being used
  • Color-coded member screen alerts when member intervention is required; improves retention
  • Easy keytag check-in that includes picture display of members and prospects
  • Quick insert of new members allows immediate "Member" feel and the reading of credit card information
  • Family view and multi-person check in
  • See Emergency Information and that day's appointments



File Maintenance

  • Safe, secure PCI-DSS compliant storage of all billing information
  • Track member referrals and all log notes
  • Manage staff security and usage rights
  • Track corporate and group memberships
  • See archive and prospect databases
  • Manage locker controls
  • Track survey results
  • Customizable fields
  • Control all data entry

Advanced Contracts

  • Includes electronic signature capture
  • Quick reference to all documents
  • Decrease printing/ink costs and improves human intervention
  • Eliminate design costs and reduce storage fees of all documents
  • Increase security and go green
  • Capable of scanning all past paperwork, medical waivers
  • Option to read in license information
  • Customizable fields for revenue or interest tracking
  • Contract email Capability



Contact Manager

  • Track member and prospect interests then create mailing templates, labels and blast emails for marketing
  • Guest register with integrated lead-and prospect-management functions
  • Track marketing sources, book appointments, tours and guest usage
  • See a visual schedule of appointments
  • Integrated with Bring a Buddy marketing tool
  • Trace one week or other promotional passes and coupons
  • Online Sales Dashboard and goal management

Online Capabilities:

Member Portal

  • Join online and add family members
  • Designed so that the user feels they are still on your site
  • Custom look and feel to match your site
  • Custom URL to match your site
  • Purchase Personal Training, Tanning or class Packages
  • Pay balance due
  • Buy gift certificates
  • Book a birthday party, reserve a meeting room, etc.
  • Update Billing and address information
  • See and print usage information for insurance purposes

Member File Maintenance 

  • Convert prospects to members
  • Update member credit card and account information
  • Freeze/cancel manage memberships

Club Portal

  • Get management reports online, anytime, anywhere you have Internet access
  • Club results available on the Internet
  • See up-to-the-minute daily results and statistics
  • Project billing revenue and cash flow
  • View your processing schedule, billing journals, club billing statements, problem reports - all online
  • Make last-minute billing changes and edit transactions
  • Manage all online joining offers, setup and see results statistics

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