Value Added Billing

Safe, Affordable and Reliable EFT Billing
Integrated into the Health Club Software

A strong dues line is the key to success in the club business. Monthly dues members yield up to 30% greater average lifetime economic value than paid-in-fulls, and with no greater effort on your part. Plus, a strong dues line makes your cash flow more reliable and your club more valuable.

Twin Oaks Offers a Value-Added Billing Service

Twin Oaks Advantages

  • You get your money on the day you bill - there is no lag time.
  • You are in control - you do your own billing and we help ensure its accuracy.
  • Track when your file is due and make sure it is received.
  • Generates a problem report in advance of billing.
  • Scan for errors and bring them to your attention before submitting:
    • invalid credit card numbers
    • suspicious increases or decreases in amount
    • incorrect number of digits
    • missing and invalid information
  • Make your corrections without an additional service fee.
  • Credit card Account Updater is provided which helps reduce declines by getting account updates from Visa®, Mastercard® and Discover®.
  • Process all types of EFT - checking, savings, credit card and ecurring invoices - in a single file.
  • Upload returns to Returns Management for free, efficient follow-up.
  • Download returns to your club database automatically, so that club's records are always up to date.
  • Provide an experienced customer service rep to work with you at all times.
  • Assist with any banking issues.
  • Competitive merchant fee rates.

Available Billing Options

  • You decide what services you need and bill the way you find most effective:
  • All electronic billing options.
  • Statement, variable or cycle billing.
  • House accounts and gift card ability.
  • Ability to resubmit checking insufficient funds returns and credit card declines
  • Monthly or Bi-Weekly
  • Annual or Semi-Annual maintenance or enhancement fees

Your Data is Secure!

Your billing data is encrypted and we have taken every step to ensure data security. Twin Oaks Software is one of only a handful of providers in this industry that is certified by the credit card industry as PCI DSS compliant and has structured all data storage and processing functions to safeguard member account information. Your data and the personal data of your members is secure. Read why this is important to your club.

Billing takes place automatically once file is submitted and totals are confirmed, so you can relax!

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