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Club Software That Boosts Your Bottom Line

Profit generating cloud based or server solutions with features including Branded Online Joining, Member Mobile App, Award Winning Customer Service, Returns Management and Account Recovery.


How Twin Oaks
stacks up

We provide reliable, affordable Gym membership software and EFT billing services for one low monthly fee with no high percentages or hidden costs.

Twin Oaks Competitor 1 Competitor 2
Cloud Based
Web Software
Credit Card
Account Updater
regular, free
Training & Support
Reports & Emails
Built in
No Cost
Returns Management
Useable Reports
On-site Service
Full Service
Club Branded
Online Joining
& Mail Merge
Member Portal
Complete Data
Door Controls
Available in
Spanish & French
Digital Membership features

30 years of experience

Twin Oaks software is extremely functional and intuitive because we are former club owners and operators. With 30 years of experience, we are your partner in profitability.

Meet the Team
Jolene B
Jolene B

“Twin Oaks is more than just software, they are a great business partner. With so many of their staff having on-site fitness club experience, they are consistently able to help me navigate through the nuances of running a successful gym. Between this knowledge and their favorable fee structure, it was an easy business decision to switch to Twin Oaks.”

Rob A. and Mark E.
Rob A. and Mark E.

“Twin Oaks has been a part of our club's family since 1993. Their customer service is always accommodating and the system is secure and simple to navigate. With Twin Oaks, we are confident that our business is operating at its maximum capacity.”

Nancy Ann Z.
Nancy Ann Z.

“In June of this year our fitness center migrated from the Twin Oaks Version 6 software to the new ADVANTAGE online system. What impressed me the most was the advance preparation and relatively seamless transition. We were able to customize our software to our industry and have been able to "tweak" it as we go. We have been able to customize reports to increase our sales by utilizing the sales breakdowns and targeting our advertising accordingly. Sales and Client Relations staff are readily available to answer any concerns or assist with formatting new reports or other requests as they occur.”

Lance G.
Lance G.

“We use Twin Oaks for membership in our church recreation center, which uses paid memberships for members and non-members. The Twin Oaks software has the flexibility to handle a number of different customer categories, a strong accounting feature and numerous ways to retain members. The response from Twin Oaks customer support is very good as well.”

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