More Difficult Accounts

If your member has not made a payment within the first 60 days, the account is escalated. At this point, our tone becomes tougher. After all, the member has had three letters and as many as four attempted phone calls, so the "I don't know" and the "How dare you put me in collections without calling me first?" excuses don't carry much weight. This process continues for 90 days. Members will receive a minimum of three more notices and at least as many phone calls. For these more difficult accounts, a contingency fee applies.

If a member kicks out more than once, no problem. We just add the new item to their existing account and work on the combined total.

Clubs can accelerate the balance of a membership agreement if they want. We have a special letter for just that situation. (You must have language in your membership contract in advance that allows for this option.)

To sign up, or for more information, please call our Returns Management specialists at 860.829.6000.