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Twin Oaks Makes Marketing to Your Club Easy

Twin Oaks can provide your club with turn-key marketing materials to make marketing to members as easy as placing a phone call. Check out the available options below, decide on which you would like to send to your members, give us a call and we'll help you find a solution for the rest. It's that easy!

Mail Merge & Email Blasts

  • Communicate with members and prospects via email
  • Create billing and collections letters
  • Manage surveys
  • Renewal letters, notices and emails
  • Low usage notifications
  • Welcome to new members
  • Holidays, hours or staff changes
  • Create customized, personal letters and notes
  • Additional reports for Bookings, appointments and Interests Management
Health Club Email Marketing and Mail Merge Software From Twin Oaks

Key Tags

  • Each member equipped with a keytag is an advertisement for your club.
  • Allow for easier check-in, and purchasing capabilities to grow sales.

Communicate with your Members on their Mobile Devices

Send automated Text Message marketing to your members with our partner Textmunication. Automated text message software allows you to quickly communicate important news, information and offers with your members, and spend less time doing it. Sending short form concise messages to your members maximizes engagement while distributing the information you need your members to know. Schedule campaigns in the future, assist delinquent billing collections or send reminders about classes and upcoming events.

App Referral Capabilities

  • Allow members to refer new business from your club from the Member Advantage App.
  • Quickly generate new business by offering rewards and discounts for referrals.
  • Customers are more likely to purchase when referred by a friend, and referred customers have a higher lifetime value.
  • Allows your customers to be the front lines in your marketing program.

Gift Cards

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