Returns Management

Twin Oaks Returns Management is the simplest, least expensive and most effective way to recover EFT dues that decline or return. Our focus is member retention. All contacts with members is handled in a respective way with the goal of collecting balances owed as well as new billing information.

Benefits for Your Club

Members are provided with 4 options to pay; the goal is to generate a prompt response.

  1. Respond by phone, toll free, to an account specialist
  2. Respond by mail in the provided return envelope
  3. Respond by paying in club at the front desk.
  4. Pay online to a dedicated client collections website:

No Charge to You

Simply make it your policy to add a service charge to the return, paid by the member. In most cases, we can collect that for you. When we do, you get your dues in full and we do all the work. (You must have language in your membership contract, and signage posted, in advance that states the service charge.)

It's Automated

Since all of your members' information is contained in our billing system, the collection process starts the instant items return from the Federal Reserve or the credit card issuing banks. In many cases, we reach the member before they hear from their own bank, increasing the likelihood that we can collect your dues and get updated billing information.

We Take the Heat

Our friendly approach dramatically reduces complaints from members and removes pressure from your staff, allowing them to remain upbeat and positive.

We Do the Job Right

Our customer service reps focus solely on the club industry. These highly trained specialists use state-of-the-art tools and respectful scripts to maximize the dues recovered.

Retention is Our Goal

Our staff and our systems are designed to collect your dues, get new billing information and most importantly, keep that member in good standing.

Bottom Line

If you're interested in adopting an easy, respectful way to collect from members while taking the heat off of you and your employees, you should take advantage of this proven system. Complete detailed reports can be provided weekly or monthly summarizing results of the collections efforts and show what is still due.

Twin Oaks Makes Your Payment Recovery a Success


Returns Management is positioned as a part of your billing company, not a collection agency (even though we are licensed).


We treat members in a positive, respectful way with the goal of getting payment and new billing information.


Members receive up to five letters and as many as 12 telephone calls.

To sign up, or for more information, please call our Returns Management specialists at 860.829.6000.

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The Twin Oaks Advantage

At Twin Oaks Software, we've put together an all inclusive health club software package that has all the ability to shape up your bottom line, deliver a second to none billing and returns management service, and is the most effective way to manage your membership data. Our software is the simplest, least expensive, and smartest way to process EFT dues and we can work with you to recover any declined or returned accounts. Twin Oaks provides a club management software based on client needs, and it's all backed up with the highest customer retention rate in the industry.

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