Web Club Managemnet Software

The Twin Oaks Web based health club software works with Silverlight technology, and has real time updating across multiple locations and devices. Information is instantaneous. A super friendly user interface, outstanding graphics, and easy to learn functionality sets this product apart from all others.

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Front Desk Client Check In
health, fitness club software
  • Members and guests can check in even when front-desk computer is being used, 24/7/365 with remote door access
  • Color-coded member screen alerts when member intervention is required; improves retention
  • Easy keytag check-in that includes picture display of members and prospects
  • See Emergency Information, all Alerts, and upcoming appointments
  • Reciprocity usage between locations
  • User customizable fields that can be viewed at check-in
Client Editing, File Maintenance
health, fitness club software
  • Safe, secure PCI-DSS compliant storage of all billing information
  • Track member interactions with log notes
  • Ties all members to their selected offer and client type
  • Track corporate and group memberships
  • Manage multiple bill days & methods
  • Dynamic Search ability for all lists and tables
  • Manage all staff security access
  • Up to date, all the time
  • Control all data entry, automatic postings for immediate knowledge & up to date information
  • Quick and Easy, Insert Wizard to allow for immediate "Member" Fee
Accounts Receivable
health, fitness club software
  • Complete accounts receivable management to track revenue, cash or accrual
  • View your processing schedule, billing journals, club billing statements, problem reports — all online
  • Bill for Corporate Group accounts via EFT or Invoice
  • See Current Sales Analysis reports and management charts
  • Ability for corrections and offsetting transactions
  • Automatic Month End Closing
  • Flexibility to select either automatic or manual transaction postings
EFT & LIVE Billing Journal
health, fitness club software
  • Safe, secure PCI-DSS compliant
  • Project cash flow – daily
  • Utilize all billing methods, multiple billing days, biweekly options
  • Variable, cycle billing for house charging, & other ancillary services
  • See past journals to do comparisons of variances
  • Account Updater to capture new credit card information
  • Easily process maintenance and annual billing files
  • Automatically pull in returns and collections payments
  • Automatic billing file creation
  • Make last-minute billing changes and edit transactions
  • See dues deposits the same day it's billed
Business Reports
health, fitness club software
  • Comprehensive marketing, tracking, sales, revenue and usage reports by menu choice
  • Additional queries & functionality to suit your needs
  • Account for deferred revenue and liability
  • Project renewals, returns, and future billing
  • Manage all incoming information
    • Create customizable reports and save templates for future use
    • Exportable to pdf, excel, and csv
    • Save templates for future use
    • Robust searching capabilities
Returns Management
health, fitness club software
  • Service provided at no charge to the club
  • See member returns, declines, and update member records immediately
  • View return reasons and details
  • Members can pay delinquent dues online, clear up their account, and edit billing information, all integrated with the software.
  • Four methods of payment – online, telephone, by mail, or in person at the club.
  • Automatically creates and includes applicable service charges
  • Includes follow up phone calls and multiple letters with return envelopes
Online Booking
health, fitness club software
  • Members and trainers can view and book appointments online — allows scheduling even when your club is closed
  • Trainers can edit their schedules online any time
  • Trainer and member get email/text notifications
  • Integrates with Personal Training Customer Relationship Management so you can track trends
  • Easy access link from your Web site
Online Joining
health, fitness club software
  • Low/no stress environment
  • Customizable promotions and offers
  • Increase number of new members by 10-15%, per month
  • Help members help themselves
  • Offers can include onetime or recurring items
  • Safe, secure, and integrated with Twin Oaks Club Management software
  • Easily creaet links from your website
  • See Immediate Return on Investment
Advanced Digital Contracts
health, fitness club software
  • Includes electronic signature capture
  • Quick reference to all types of documents
  • Decreases printing costs and improves human intervention
  • Eliminate design costs and reduce storage of all documents
  • Improve security and go green
  • Capable of scanning all past paperwork, medical waivers with upload to cloud storage
  • Customizable fields for revenue or interest tracking
  • Contract email Capability
24/7/365 Door Access
health, fitness club software
  • Allows members access any time they need to come to the club
  • Keeps the club secure 24/7/365
  • Ties into software to control door/entry access based on valid membership
  • Increase customer base; decrease payroll
  • Track all usage and print report with picture (optional)
Touchscreen Point of Sale
health, fitness club software
  • Integrated POS module with inventory tracking, session tracking and touch-screen capabilities.
  • Easy to use, highest degree of accuracy
  • Payware Connect incorporated for card on file recall
  • House charging, gift certificates
  • Complete deposit breakdown of all methods of payment
  • End of the day Cash out Reconcilation, integrated
  • Room for over 1,000,000 products and services to be coded in, with optional Inventory tracking tie-in
  • Flat rate or precentage based discounts based on client type
Event Management & Class Registration
health, fitness club software
  • Member can book courts, enroll in classes and schedule personal training online
  • Customizable interface with controllable settings for cancellation rules, class size , etc.
  • Members can pay for bookings charges online or at club
  • Waiting list management and email reminders for class renewal, dates, participation.
Prospect Management
health, fitness club software
  • Track member and prospect interests then create mailing templates, labels and blast e-mails for marketing
  • Guest register with integrated lead-and prospect-management functions
  • Track marketing sources, book appointments, tours and guest usage
  • See a visual schedule of appointments
  • Online Sales Dashboard
Member Portal

Members can perform the following actions, all online:

health, fitness club software
  • Join online and add family members
  • Pay balance due and renew or upgrade membership and pay online
  • Buy gift certificates
  • Book a birthday party, reserve a meeting room, etc.
  • Track usage - see/print usage for insurance purposes
  • Update Billing and address information
  • Purchase Personal Training, Tanning or class Packages
  • Club Management Dashboard
Club Management Dashboard

Owners and Managers can perform the following actions, all online:

health, fitness club software
  • Get management reports & results online, anytime, anywhere you have Internet access
  • Interactive, customizable, charts & widgets
  • See up-to-the-minute daily results and statistics
  • Project billing revenue and cash flow
  • Set Daily, Weekly, or Monthly reminders
  • Communicate with front line staff
  • See reports for Individual or Group locations
  • Corporate office set up's, with control functionality for centralized management
  • Great graphics & imagery, optional color themes
  • Simplified task management & configuration
  • Several built in functionality wizards for ease of use
  • Helpful Tool tips to increase user knowledge
Mail Merge and Email Blasts
health, fitness club software
  • Communicate with members and prospects via email
  • Create follow up delinquent account collections letters
  • Manage statistics and create report templates
  • Renewal letters, notices, and emails
  • Low usage notifications
  • Welcome to new members or participants
  • Holidays, hours, or staff change updates
  • Create customized, personal letters and notes
  • Additional reports for Bookings, appointments and Interests Management
health, fitness club software
  • Determine Cost of Goods Sold
  • Track all incoming and outgoing merchandise
  • Manage all purchases and adjustments
  • See margin, cost history and associated reports
  • Control the In & Out
Utilities, Data Management, & Cloud Storage
health, fitness club software
  • Perform other unique tasks such as data storage offsite, in the cloud, fully automated
  • Detailed database change logs including required security info
  • Do global member rate changes
  • Archive cancelled and expired members out of the membership database
  • Edit or purge usage records
Time Clock and Payroll Control
health, fitness club software
  • Keep employee records
  • Department and individual reports of hours
  • Ties to barcode check in/out
  • Generate easy-to-use reports
  • Weekly, Bi Weekly, Monthly information