Additional Services

There is no need for you to leave your club — we can come to you! No need to call a third party and try to explain everything. Our team members are experts in our software, your network and the club industry; we will work to help you find the best solution. We offer the following services, some at additional cost; please inquire for
pricing information.

> Unlimited Free Technical Support

Our always friendly, qualified technical support staff will help on the phone when you call for software support, toll free — no time limits; always FREE. Get a real human being every time you call and yes, help is provided for after-hour's emergency needs. We're always available to help when you need it.

> On-Site Service — Hardware and Networks

We have service staff available to make on-site visits to install and maintain hardware and networks, and to provide training and other services. We can physically install your computers and related peripherals, including back-up systems, cash drawers, cameras, bar code and door readers, etc.

> Data Conversions

We can take the data out of your current system and lay it into the new system providing full tie-out to your current numbers. We have performed over 500 conversions from 20+ different systems — we can handle anything you have. No need to re-enter all of your existing data, making the transition as painless as possible.

> Regular, Free Upgrades

We encourage you to call us with your ideas and suggestions for enhancements to the software. We make dozens of minor enhancements often, and major upgrades every year, and we get these to you free of charge, automatically.